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New CEO at Hiddn Security

Hiddn Security has promoted Leif Sundsbø to Chief Executive Officer. His vast experience within sales, marketing and management will be vital in the company’s pursuit to be a global market leader with the most advanced encryption technology for laptops and memory sticks.

Introducing the world’s most secure memory stick

Our new two-factor authentication memory stick meets the strict security regulations in NATO, such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3. With Hiddn Security’s encryption solutions you can protect highly sensitive information on laptops and memory sticks. The technology is certified by National Institute of Standards and Technology for the strict security levels for sensitive data and […]

Certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Encryption

Hiddn Security are certified by National Institute of Standards and Technology for FIPS 140-2 Level 3. This means that our solutions comply with the strictest security levels for sensitive data and data protection laws in the US. Hiddn Security’s patented technology encrypt hardware to ensure the best data protection and rights management. We have a […]

Download whitepaper about data encryption

Safeguarding confidential data that resides on computers is a major security challenge facing public and private organizations alike. We believe we have a good answer. Today, confidential and sensitive data is left in the custody and care of an increasingly mobile workforce. Data production and storage is no longer limited to workstations; employees carry their […]

New VP Sales and Marketing at Hiddn Security

It is an industry veteran within IT-security that spearheads our global ventures from now. Leif Sundsbø started as VP Sales and Marketing at Hiddn Security in January 2016. He came from the position as Territory Account Manager at Intel Security, where he also founded the Norwegian branch office. Previously he has held positions as Territory […]

Liberating the Italian workforce

Hiddn Security have been certified to meet the strictest security standards in Italy. The first contract followed a few days later. Italian security authorities, Dipartimento Informazioni per la Sicurezza, have given the stamp of approval to our encryption technology. These are regarded as industry leading on security. The certification will allow the Italian workforce handling […]

Protects and encrypts Global Hawk

Could you imagine a better reference for security technology than the worlds most sophisticated unmanned aircraft? The Norwegian defence industry is widely acclaimed, and we have for decades developed technology that have become key components of the some of the worlds most sophisticated systems and machinery. This has also given Norwegian R&D a reputation for being cutting-edge, […]

Maximum security for oil and gas

Being one of the most profitable industries in the world, it is no surprise that they are hugely exposed to data crime. One of our customer’s express remarkable enthusiasm about encryption. It is widely documented that the oil and gas industry is particularly exposed to electronic crime and corporate espionage. Energy infrastructures becomes gradually more […]