Certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Encryption

Hiddn Security are certified by National Institute of Standards and Technology for FIPS 140-2 Level 3. This means that our solutions comply with the strictest security levels for sensitive data and data protection laws in the US.

Hiddn Security’s patented technology encrypt hardware to ensure the best data protection and rights management. We have a long history of advanced R&D and our technology encrypt information on the US Air Forces’ unmanned surveillance aircraft, Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk. We now proudly announce that we have received clearance for the strictest requirement any international vendor are able to achieve.

Level 3 FIPS 140-2 Certification

Hiddn Security’s technology is certified to meet the criteria set forth by federal agency National Institute of Standards and Technology for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standards. According to Wikipedia these standards “…specifies the security requirements that will be satisfied by a cryptographic module. The standard provides four increasing, qualitative levels of security intended to cover a wide range of potential applications and environments.” The FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification is probably the most challenging standard we will ever need to comply with. With this certification, customers that handle sensitive and privileged information no longer need to be confined to their desk to execute their work duties. They can securely access content on computers and memory sticks anytime and anywhere. We are very enthusiastic about the certification, and look forward to new ventures in the most important IT market in the world.

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Meets the strictest requirements for all corporations

With the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification, our technology comply with regulations within government and authority entities such as federal and local government, the armed forces and those handling sensitive information. It is equally important that we also meet the strictest security standards for enterprises and organizations such as legal, healthcare, banking, finance, consultants and others that handle sensitive and confidential information.

Seek partners in the US

We will now build a sales channel in the US and seek relevant security specialists to partner with. We will also increase visibility towards hardware manufactures that may want to integrate Hiddn Security’s technology in their products.


Our product consists of an encrypted hard drive together with our unique encryption chip integrated in the computer plus a smart card with a chip. The smart card contains digital, encrypted keys to unlock the computer. When the user has entered their password, the encrypted key will be sent from the card to the computer to allow the PC to boot. When the computer is closed the key will be deleted and prevent unauthorized access.


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Safeguarding confidential data that resides on computers is a major security challenge facing public and private organizations alike. We believe we have a good answer.

Today, confidential and sensitive data is left in the custody and care of an increasingly mobile workforce. Data production and storage is no longer limited to workstations; employees carry their laptops home and on the road, thereby physically exposing confidential data to loss or theft. Data residing on office computers is highly sensitive and may include unpublished research, source code, intellectual property, customers’ personal information, employee records and financial reports – all subject to theft and highly vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Huge potential fines for negligence

All organizations have a financial and legal interest in preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information. Considering that the costs of stolen or lost confidential data increase as state and federal governments pass breach disclosure laws, and that many of these laws require notification and remediation when personal data is lost or stolen, data breaches can result in millions of dollars in customer notification costs, noncompliance fines, possible lawsuits, and company reputation damage.

57% of corporate crimes linked to stolen laptops

Several polls and studies all point to increased incidences of sensitive data being lost or stolen from government organizations, academic institutions, and businesses. From FBI statistics in 2014, one out of ten laptops are lost or stolen.  In the period from 2011 to 2014, 5.500.000 laptops were stolen only in US. Further FBI reports that 57% of corporate crimes are linked to stolen laptops. It is evident that the laptop protection is one of the weakest part in the chain and data is at risk.

Hardware data encryption

A logical solution is to protect the data at its storage location. All data encryption products share the goal of encrypting plain text into a format that cannot be interpreted by unauthorized individuals. Encrypting all data on a diskprovides an effective barrier between unauthorized users and all data stored on the computer, including boot up system files and temporary files, files that can contain confidential data useful to attackers. No one can access any of the data on the drive until the encryption system has confirmed the user as authorized. The encrypted data has to be decrypted to its original form in order to be read.

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New VP Sales and Marketing at Hiddn Security

It is an industry veteran within IT-security that spearheads our global ventures from now.

Leif Sundsbø started as VP Sales and Marketing at Hiddn Security in January 2016. He came from the position as Territory Account Manager at Intel Security, where he also founded the Norwegian branch office. Previously he has held positions as Territory Business Manager at Cisco Norway, Country Manager at Check Point, and several sales and management positions at Telenor, ZebSign, Dropzone and Compaq.

Enthusiastic about Norwegian Innovations

Sundsbø is one of the most experienced business professionals in the Norwegian security industry, and he is keen to help a local innovator win significant global market shares.

“I look forward to ensuring that Hiddn Security becomes the leading expert on encryption globally. We will claim our ground across the NATO-countries, and build a highly efficient and skillful sales channel consisting of the best security partners in each market. Im hugely excited about the years to come,” said Sundsbø.

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Liberating the Italian workforce

Hiddn Security have been certified to meet the strictest security standards in Italy. The first contract followed a few days later.

Italian security authorities, Dipartimento Informazioni per la Sicurezza, have given the stamp of approval to our encryption technology. These are regarded as industry leading on security. The certification will allow the Italian workforce handling sensitive data to securely bring data outside the workplace, both on memory sticks or on encrypted laptops.

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Encrypted laptops with 1TB capacity

In a short period after the certification was given, we received our first order that quickly was deployed and implemented at our customers site. Italy also became the first market where we launched our next gen memory stick med 8GB-128GB storage capacity, and integrated PC-solutions with 1TB capacity. We are excited about the prospects in Southern-Europe, and believe that our solutions are most relevant for the armed forces, for the public sector, and the huge export industry – especially for those that store and have access to intellectual property, sensitive information and company secrets.

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Protects and encrypts Global Hawk

Could you imagine a better reference for security technology than the worlds most sophisticated unmanned aircraft?

The Norwegian defence industry is widely acclaimed, and we have for decades developed technology that have become key components of the some of the worlds most sophisticated systems and machinery. This has also given Norwegian R&D a reputation for being cutting-edge, which has been a fantastic platform in our attempts to equip armed forces in NATO with the best security – for sensitive data and information. It’s a undisputed fact that documents and data in the military needs to be guarded well, and systems like Global Hawk contain information that it is critical to keep away from the wrong hands.

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Encrypted and protected from the enemy

The Global Hawk is one of the most advanced aircrafts in the world, and it plays a crucial part in the surveillance work carried out by the United States Air Force. Its used to support forces all over the world, and the drone contains contains systems and information that have cost many billion US dollars to develop. Hence, this data needs to be secure, and kept away from the wrong hands. The worlds smartest data systems also need the best protection, and therefore we are extremely proud that our encryption technology is used to encrypt and protect all data on Global Hawk. This means that if the aircraft malfunctions or is shot down, the wrong people cant get to the information that they crave.

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Maximum security for oil and gas

Being one of the most profitable industries in the world, it is no surprise that they are hugely exposed to data crime. One of our customer’s express remarkable enthusiasm about encryption.

It is widely documented that the oil and gas industry is particularly exposed to electronic crime and corporate espionage. Energy infrastructures becomes gradually more complex and sophisticated, making data the most valuable asset for this industry. At the same time this industry is amongst the most dynamic there is, where workers travel all around the world. Luckily our encryption technology safeguard data both when laptops are forgotten or stolen. Without having the encryption key, the hardware is impossible to crack or access.

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Encryption is important for all industries

Eilif H. Johannesen is CEO of the Norwegian vendor Exportal AS. He has shared with us a rather extensive extract of his satisfaction with our encrypted memory sticks. As contracts- and tender specialist he often brings with him data that are extremely sensitive because the contract value often is in Billions of NOK, and also in terms of many of his client being publicly listed. Thus data encryption is vital before tenders, in the evaluation process, and also after. We share some extracts below:

«I have used memory sticks for many years, also some with software encryption. Lack of security have been a concern for me because it is very important that these data doesn’t get lost. I have never lost any data, but must admit that I sometimes have had some concerns about what happened if I misplaced my PC-bag or a memory stick was stolen. Sensitive data in the wrong hands can be very harmful, and I have myself restored data that originally was deleted. I think its fair to assume that many have feelings of false security around this”.

“I got my first CoCrypt memory stick in 2014 and have never looked back since. The big capacity has allowed me to replace the many others I used, and I am confident that my data are secure and protected at all times. In my industry I believe that there are many working with sensitive data that needs better protection, and they should start using CoCrypt or similar technology. Using a solution like CoCrypt is a “nobrainer”, and I wouldn’t hesitate to give my warmest recommendations”.

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HDD is searching for Sales & Marketing Director

Hiddn Security AS has developed hardware-based encryption, authentication, and digital content security products for mobile units.. The firm holds patents in the U.S. and many other countries..
Hiddn Security apply the strongest cryptographic algorithms commercially available, designed to exceed the highest standards of security certification such as Common Criteria, FIPS 140-2 Levels 3 , Further the company has gained approval for its newly released products by NSM (Nasjonale sikkerhetsmyndigheter i Norge) and is in the final steps of receiving certification in Nederland and Italy.
The focus has been on clients in military, government and large industrial companies which are regulated by legislation in different countries, and Hiddn Security is now ready to target also the high volume consumer market. Main sales channels are currently through distributors.
To join the executive team managed by CEO Gudmundur Einarsson.
Some key tasks for the new sales & marketing director will be:
• Establish sales strategy and objectives, budgets and plans for profitable growth in Norway, Europe, USA and other potential markets
• Define and manage sales efforts, both strategic and operational
• Build good and long-term relationships with strategically important customers, distributors and prospects
• Manage proposals to the various rfp’s and sales processes in both public and private sector
• Be an active and constructive partner in the company’s executive team
The relevant candidates have:
• Higher relevant education at university / college level
• Experience of establishing agreements / negotiations / sales through distributors
• Significant sales management experience with proven exceptional results
• Experience from an efficient sales organization, but ideally also from startups / companies in the development phase
• International experience. Ability to negotiate and finalize agreements on “Nordic” and English.
• Sufficient insight / understanding of relevant industry (IT / Technology – Hardware / Software)
Hiddn Security is looking for a structured and analytical sales & marketing director with the capability to strategic thinking and a holistic approach, has a strong personal drive to create success and measurable results and can demonstrate a commercial mindset, strong on building relationship and communicates well internally and externally with national and international customers /stakeholders
If you feel you are the right candidate for this position, send your application using reference 35606 to delphi@delphi-consulting.no. Please contact Jarle Trandokken, Partner at Delphi Consulting (jarle@delphi-consulting.no) for any questions

German breakthrough

The distribution agreement with Actidata Storage Systems GmbH quickly resulted in product order for 3 million NOK.

Being the most important economy in mainland Europe, Germany is obviously one of the most important markets to penetrate for Hiddn Security. The German industry is one of the world’s most successful, and the country has proud traditions for research and development. This innovative culture also leads to a lot of intellectual property that must be safeguarded and not fall in the wrong hands when sensitive data is on the move.

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Gateway to DACH-region

The distribution agreement with Actidata is one of the most important agreements we have signed. We have high hopes for the German market place that also have a big public sector with a lot of sensitive data that need to be safeguarded and encrypted when mobile. The market potential was quickly confirmed as the first local order quickly ticked in for 3 million NOK of encryption technology solutions.

Our German opening follows similar exciting news from the Netherlands and our home market Norway. We are thrilled about these pieces of news and hope that Germany can be our hub to penetrate further parts of Europe, especially Austria and Switzerland.

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Highest security clearance in Norway

Although it’s our home market, we got not free passes when attempting to pass one of the most difficult security clearances in the world. 

The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) is a cross-sectoral professional and supervisory authority within the protective security services in Norway. They are de-facto security center of excellence, and have the official authority to certify and approve security solutions in Norway. Obviously we were thrilled when we got the certification for level Begrenset (B) for our encryption technology for memory sticks and laptops. This has been a key objective for us in our R&D, and we deem this certification as an important benchmark in our attempts to get similar security clearances in other NATO-markets.

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Required by law

All public servants in Norway that are to bring with them sensitive data, need these to be encrypted within the right level – most often B. With our encryption technology sensitive data are safe when on the move, and public servants may bring with them sensitive data when they have to work from home, or collaborate with colleagues at other locations. Encryption technology is also required within the Norwegian Security act, which makes encryption a required component for sensitive mobile data. We therefore welcome investments from the public sector because it will A) ensure that they comply with rules and regulations, and B) bring huge productivity gains to a large amounts of workers that now can work from home, or bring data for collaboration purposes to meetings outside the local area network.

Please read more about the markets most advanced encryption solutions here.

High Density Devices AS listed on OTC

High Density Devices AS på OTC listen

High Density Devices AS er nå registrert på OTC listen, for å legge til rette for handel i aksjen, samt for å sikre at det til enhver tid finnes en synlig markedskurs for aksjen. Grunnen til dette er at selskapet har mange aksjonærer i dag og ser også voksende interesse fra andre eksterne aktører.

High Density Devices AS listed on OTC

High Density Devices AS is now listed on the OTC list, to facilitate trade in the stock, and to ensure that at all times there is a visible market price of the stock. The company has many shareholders today and also see growing interest from other external actors.