Our encryption technology awarded as the best new security product in Norway

The Norwegian encryption specialist Hiddn Security provide hardware-based encryption for data at rest. With Hiddn Security’s encryption solutions you can protect highly sensitive information on laptops and memory sticks. The technology is certified by National Institute of Standards and Technology for the strict security levels for sensitive data and data protection laws in the US.

This week it was announced that the company have been awarded an Outstanding Security Performance Award (OSPA) for best new product. The OSPAs recognise and reward companies and individuals across the security sector. The OSPAs are designed to be both independent and inclusive, providing an opportunity for outstanding performers, whether individuals or companies to be recognised and their success to be celebrated. The award is governed in Norway by The Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council (NSR). This organization is the Norwegian business sector unified effort to combat criminal activity.

“It is huge when businesses themselves state that we add so much value that we have the best security product of the year. This is recognition of our advanced research and development, and serves as a proof point that there is a great need for the best possible security for sensitive mobile data”, said Hiddn Security’s CEO Gudmundur Einarsson.

The criteria for these awards are based on extensive research on key factors that contribute to and characterise outstanding performance. The OSPAs are set up in collaboration with security associations and groups across many countries. The jury notes that “Hiddn SafeDisk is a very good solution for maximal protection for laptops. The product is innovative, user friendly and easy to administrate”.

“This award boosts us with even more energy on our mission to convince global businesses and the public sector that hardware encryption gives the best protection for mobile data. Security is business critical, and it is vital to protect information in the best possible manner. It ought to be an easy decision to invest in solution that is thoroughly proven and used by the global enterprises and public entities that has the strictest demands”, said Einarsson.

“Our solutions are tailored those that need to bring with them confidential and sensitive information when they are outside the office building, or to access critical data whilst travelling. Our encryption can’t be cracked, and the high security levels serves as good guarantee to ensure that information does not fall into the wrong hands, said Einarsson.

Hiddn SafeDisk consists of an encrypted hard drive that comes together with an encryption chip. This makes it easy to use, simple to administrate, and ensures the best data protection for data at rest, commercially available. The smart card contains digital, encrypted keys to unlock the computer. When the user has entered their password, the encrypted key will be sent from the card to the computer to allow the PC to boot. When the computer is closed the key will be deleted and prevent unauthorized access.

With the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification, Hiddn’s patented technology comply with regulations within government and authority entities such as federal and local government, the armed forces and those handling sensitive information in the US. Solutions from Hiddn Security meet the strictest security standards for enterprises and organizations such as legal, healthcare, banking, finance, consultants and others that handle sensitive and confidential information.

About Hiddn

Hiddn Security provide hardware-based encryption solutions for data at rest. The solution provides a simple and centralized administration system resulting in reduced cost of ownership for the end user. With Hiddn Security’s encryption solution you can protect highly sensitive information on laptops and memory sticks, without introducing restrictions for the users.

Hiddn Security holds patents in the U.S and are certified to meet the strict regulations in several -countries for secure full disk encryption. All Hiddn Security’s products meets FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standards. Hiddn is listed on the OTC list.


Acting CEO Leif Sundsbø, Hiddn Security

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