Liberating the Italian workforce

Hiddn Security have been certified to meet the strictest security standards in Italy. The first contract followed a few days later.

Italian security authorities, Dipartimento Informazioni per la Sicurezza, have given the stamp of approval to our encryption technology. These are regarded as industry leading on security. The certification will allow the Italian workforce handling sensitive data to securely bring data outside the workplace, both on memory sticks or on encrypted laptops.

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Encrypted laptops with 1TB capacity

In a short period after the certification was given, we received our first order that quickly was deployed and implemented at our customers site. Italy also became the first market where we launched our next gen memory stick med 8GB-128GB storage capacity, and integrated PC-solutions with 1TB capacity. We are excited about the prospects in Southern-Europe, and believe that our solutions are most relevant for the armed forces, for the public sector, and the huge export industry – especially for those that store and have access to intellectual property, sensitive information and company secrets.

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