Maximum security for oil and gas

Being one of the most profitable industries in the world, it is no surprise that they are hugely exposed to data crime. One of our customer’s express remarkable enthusiasm about encryption.

It is widely documented that the oil and gas industry is particularly exposed to electronic crime and corporate espionage. Energy infrastructures becomes gradually more complex and sophisticated, making data the most valuable asset for this industry. At the same time this industry is amongst the most dynamic there is, where workers travel all around the world. Luckily our encryption technology safeguard data both when laptops are forgotten or stolen. Without having the encryption key, the hardware is impossible to crack or access.

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Encryption is important for all industries

Eilif H. Johannesen is CEO of the Norwegian vendor Exportal AS. He has shared with us a rather extensive extract of his satisfaction with our encrypted memory sticks. As contracts- and tender specialist he often brings with him data that are extremely sensitive because the contract value often is in Billions of NOK, and also in terms of many of his client being publicly listed. Thus data encryption is vital before tenders, in the evaluation process, and also after. We share some extracts below:

«I have used memory sticks for many years, also some with software encryption. Lack of security have been a concern for me because it is very important that these data doesn’t get lost. I have never lost any data, but must admit that I sometimes have had some concerns about what happened if I misplaced my PC-bag or a memory stick was stolen. Sensitive data in the wrong hands can be very harmful, and I have myself restored data that originally was deleted. I think its fair to assume that many have feelings of false security around this”.

“I got my first CoCrypt memory stick in 2014 and have never looked back since. The big capacity has allowed me to replace the many others I used, and I am confident that my data are secure and protected at all times. In my industry I believe that there are many working with sensitive data that needs better protection, and they should start using CoCrypt or similar technology. Using a solution like CoCrypt is a “nobrainer”, and I wouldn’t hesitate to give my warmest recommendations”.

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