New CEO at Hiddn Security

Hiddn Security has promoted Leif Sundsbø to Chief Executive Officer. His vast experience within sales, marketing and management will be vital in the company’s pursuit to be a global market leader with the most advanced encryption technology for laptops and memory sticks.

Hiddn Security’s technology meets the highest security standards and ensures that even the most sensitive data can securely be brought outside the office. The technology has been certified to the highest levels in the US, in Norway, and several other NATO-countries.

Read more about our FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encryption certification here.

The new CEO, Leif Sundsbø, is promoted from the position of VP Sales and Marketing, and brings with him decades of security experience from management positions at leading technology brands, such as Intel, Cisco, HP, Telenor and Check Point.

Encryption R&D advances

– I am very proud to lead an organization with the foremost encryption experts globally. We have in the recent months made significant progress within R&D, we have built a more robust sales channel, and we have launched the world’s most secure memory stick, says Sundsbø.

Hardware encryption brings new opportunities for those that have been restricted from working at home or whilst traveling, and ensures that sensitive data can securely be brought to external meetings. Hiddn Security’s encryption can’t be cracked, and security mechanisms provides market leading protection to keep data from falling into the wrong hands. One needs both a password and a smart card to access the content.

Business benefits from secure mobility

– We deliver solutions that businesses and the public sector will need a lot more of. Hardware encryption gives the best possible security for those that need to better protect sensitive data and comply with an ever increasing amount of rules and regulations. This is especially valid for staff in the public sector, and enterprises and organizations, such as legal, healthcare, banking, finance, consultants and others that handle sensitive and confidential information, says Sundsbø.

Encryption will be in demand in the years to come when all businesses in EU will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or face fines up to €20 million or 4% of their annual turnover of the preceding financial year. The legislation compels anyone who holds data on EU-citizens to implement adequate security measures to protect data from loss or theft.

– Data must be better protected. Our aim is to get a better understanding in the market about the vast quality differences within encryption, and we will have many exciting news to unveil around our uncrackable security solutions, says Sundsbø.

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