Wants to attract security and IT-resellers

With Hiddn Security’s encryption technology, IT-resellers can market the most secure solution for sensitive data. The company wants to build a stronger partner channel in Europe and the US.

Norwegian producer of security and authentication solutions, Hiddn Security have spent decades and millions of US dollars to develop the most secure solution for sensitive data. The company’s encryption solutions are available for PC’s and memory sticks, and have been granted the most prestigious certifications that are available in NATO, such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encryption.

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Secure mobility for sensitive data

Sensitive data and mobility have been counterparts. It’s a fact that data on the move is vulnerable. New threats emerge daily, and corporations need to implement security that is secure by design. Demands to encrypt data and information resonates poorly with a changing workforce that expect to work wherever and whenever it pleases them. Technology from Hiddn Security allows customers to comply with security rules and regulations, simplify administration and reduce costs, and at the same time allow our customers to liberate the internal workforce. This with unique technology that consists of an encrypted hard with an encryption chip. The smart card contains digital, encrypted keys to unlock the computer. When the user has entered their password, the encrypted key will be sent from the card to the computer to allow the PC to boot. When the computer is closed the key will be deleted and prevent unauthorized access.

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Resellers Security and Mobility

Hiddn would like dialogue with resellers that are in the mobility and security segment. We offer standalone solutions that don’t compete with existing solutions in their product portfolio, that also are essential to strengthen functionality in software-based security. By encrypting disks and hardware, our solutions make security a competitive advantage, allowing the public sector and enterprises an IT-flexibility that are unmatched in today’s technology landscape. That is also why we want to engage the most skilled resellers in the market place, and the ones that strive to meet the strictest customer demands.

Benefits of partnering with Hiddn Security

  • We market unique solutions with unmatched technology. This allows resellers to offer the most secure solutions on the market
  • We are channel friendly, and only offer our solutions through resellers
  • Our solutions build customer loyalty since they meet demands no other vendors can, and since some of the solutions are available as a service
  • Our resellers get support for PR and marketing
  • We offer extensive training and access to demo-material
  • We offer sales support
  • Our solutions make it possible to meet even the strictest demands in public tenders, giving our resellers a competitive edge

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