Hiddn Technology

Safeguarding your people and your data

Cybersecurity is getting increasingly complicated, with attackers continuously finding new ways to achieve their goals. As a consequence, the market is turning to data encryption as a part of the solution.

A large amount of all data leakages happen due to devices being lost or stolen. These leakages include both data stored directly on the devices, as well as network data accessed through the devices.

To prevent unauthorized access to information on devices like personal computers and portable media should be encrypted. Hiddn has a wide range of services and management systems for this.

Hiddn allows a highly secure hardware encryption for safeguarding data at rest, enabling users to transport and access data safely and effortlessly. The Company’s patented encryption technology ensures high-level data protection on any device.

Hiddn Technology AS has secured the IPR, patents and assets developed over the past 20 years, bringing this forward to security aware customers. Our technology is developed and produced in Norway, allowing us to control the full lifecycle  and ensuring unprecedented levels of transparency to a our customers amongst European military and government. 

The use cases

    Reduced personal risk

    Bringing sensitive data during business travel for diplomats, lawyers an other security personnel can impose an elevated risk for the individual. Safeguard your personnel by staff by allowing zero value data during travel.

    Business continuity

    Business continuity has an increased focus. Equipping your organisation with off-site encrypted business continuity protocols only accessible by the separately distributed personal encryption token allows for a reduced risk if procedure has to be evoked.

    Sensitive data

    We live in a world where protection of sensitive data is imminent. Relying on a value-chain of suppliers often becomes challenging in protecting data. Physical hardware encrypted storage with true two-factor authentication becomes the obvious choice.