The challenge

Data security has become a requirement every company or organisation needs to consider to avoid being harmed by criminals or risk the public release of its sensitive information through leaks or thefts. With recent surges in hacker attacks and leaks, it seems that sensitive data has never been more vulnerable. 

USB devices and laptops  left in public areas are common incidents every day. Employees looking to leave a company are also known to have copies of sensitive data as part of their private toolkit.

Based on our current product portifolio and your challenges we can create a secure environment to address this challenge. The solution can be extending our current products based on customer specific requirement, setting up management systems, developing customer specific functionality or integrating with third party solutions.

Our products

Embedded security

Total protection of data at rest is possible. Our SafeDisk products is internal laptop hard drives with an embedded, tamper-proof crypto module performing full-disk AES encryption using 256-bit keys transferred from a smart card.

Products are delivered in  M.2 or 2.5" form factor, works with standard smart card readers and is OS independent. 

Software solutions

Our Card Management System is a software application that allows the IT administrator to generate encryption keys and certificates, and to manage the various user profiles and encryption devices in an organisation. 

The solution can be integrated in various environments as a customer specified project and tailored to special use cases.

External devices

KryptoDisk products is the perfect solution for transportation of data between the office and home, for travelling with sensitive data and for moving sensitive data between systems and platforms.

KryptoDisk operates either as a generic external storage or as a bootable external disk, through the USB 3.1 interface.